By: Nicoleta-Ionela Brinza, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Nicoleta is a Work and Travel participant from Romania who believes in the high importance of communication and mutual understanding. For her, “volunteerism means kindness. Know that [her] ideas and actions will certainly have a positive impact on something is the greatest thing that could happened to [her].”

I love my host community so much. It is called Schaumburg. It is a quiet place. It has a green garden, small buildings, and friendly people. Every day I am off, I enjoy sleeping and relaxing here. But whenever I feel energetic, I choose to do different activities.

After I wake up, I really don’t care, but I have to eat my favorite chocolate, Nutella. After that, yes, I can start the day properly. Then I have 2 possibilities: if it is raining, I stay at home, navigating the internet, or I go outside with my friends (preferable).


But let’s do the second option: it’s a sunny and wonderful day. I have some neighbors who love to play soccer, as do I. So nothing is better than training with these little angels. After that, I am hungry, so I go to get some fast food, American food.

A few days ago, I started to read “Eat, Pray, Love” (after I saw the movie). I find it more and more interesting. I like to take my blanket and sit down next to a tree. So relaxing. The character is looking for her inner peace and love, while traveling the world… So am I!


After that, I decide I need something different. So I decide to go fishing. One of my American friends knows a place at a lake where we do that. I had never done this before, but it is a challenge. Anthony taught me how to fish. It was kind of fun, but not easy at all!

Next, I decided to cook. Of course I choose salad (cauliflower, vinegar, and olive oil, cannot -forget this), some nuggets, and fries. Just perfect. Now I am full. I had to go outside, because all my little American friends are playing basketball. I like to watch them, to talk with them, and make jokes. They call me “European girl,” and think that I am 18, but I am not. Many of them want go to Romania with me. I promised them a friendly host community, in Pociovalistea J

Suddenly, a lady comes and says that she is ready. Ready for what?! And then some teenagers bring the ice bucket. Oh my God! She did it! – The Ice Bucket Challenge!

The off days are so short; I regret that the day doesn’t have 48 hours. Can you help me, please, to fix that? J