By: Justin Piper, Work and Travel Employer Relations Specialist

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One participant with her employer.

Around this time of the year, we hear and see quite a bit about Christmas, but how much do you hear about Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa was created in 1966 as the first African American-centric holiday. The holiday gives Africans and Americans the opportunity to celebrate their past and customs. To celebrate the holiday, people tend to decorate their house and also dress in their traditional clothing. The holiday has been spreading around the world, but it is mostly celebrated in North and South America (resulting from the African diaspora). Kwanzaa celebrates seven blended African principles, Nguzo Saba, which is based in core African ideologies. Tonight, the first pillar or principal that is celebrated is unity. Unity in this context means an attempt to maintain and strive for a better family, community, and national alliance.

Every summer, CCI Greenheart brings many participants from Ghana to participate on the Work and Travel program, and will begin hiring these Ghanaian participants in the coming months. Although, Kwanzaa is not widely celebrated in Africa, the foundation of its core beliefs comes from African countries, like Ghana. As this program is a cultural immersion opportunity, we invite all our stakeholders to learn more about Kwanzaa and how it reflective of not only American culture, but culture around the world.

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