By Winesha Gittens, Summer Work Travel Participant & Greenheart Club Member

Winesha, a Summer Work Travel participant from Jamaica, spent the summer working in Williamsburg, Virginia. Below she shares what Greenheart means to her.

Winesha at Yorktown Victory Monument in Virginia

Have you ever looked at the sky and marveled at the different shades and hues that it reflects? Have you ever stared in ‘awe’ at the luscious landscape that is laid upon the earth’s floor? Well, I have! The beauty of nature in its purest form soothes the depth of my core. Then here comes technology, the necessity to evolve and the justification to upgrade. All of which is here to make our live easier and more convenient, however at a detrimental price that the environment is forced to pay.

 To be able to live in houses, transit from place to place, and prepare our hearty meals, the earth has to suffer from deforestation, all kinds of pollution and deterioration in the ozone layer. As a result of this, we are experiencing extreme and disastrous weather conditions and negative health effects. What can we do though? We need to do those things for survival. Food, shelter and transportation are necessary to maintain a sustainable and healthy life.

As I see it, people have the tendencies of abusing the power they have, in whichever context that is applied: the usage of electrical power, power to control their desires as well as power and authority to do certain things. It is my belief, however, that the earth would be more preserved if people developed a responsible attitude towards the power within their grasp. It would help greatly if we would monitor electricity usage by unplugging devices when not in use if applicable; we can walk sometimes or ride a bicycle on order to conserve on gas for driving and also we could plant more trees and flowers in an attempt at reforestation. Other mitigation methods such as conserving on paper and water usage, recycling plastic as well as properly disposing or your garbage would be healthy habits to develop in order to save the environment.

Some people may think that their small contribution to help the environment will not matter but on the contrary, if everybody decided to do their small part, the environment would sincerely appreciate the effort. In essence, everyone who lives and breathes on this planet should exercise their power to contribute their energy towards protecting and preserving the environment. We should all play our part in taking care of the earth then allow the earth to take care of us. If everyone would do their small part, then eventually we would have one whole sustainable solution.

 Loving the environment and taking good care of it, is essentially what Greenheart means to me!