Antonio is an Ambassador Scholar from Dominican Republic. After attending the Greenheart Global Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., he took time to reflect on his experience of service and how it has inspired him.

By: Antonio Molina Mendez, summer 2015 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

When you decide to be better than the day before, when you believe people are connected, and whatever you do is affecting someone else’s life, is when our journey as a volunteer begins. This is when you know how big your soul is. Even when you see most people walking on a different path, you never follow the crowd. Instead – you make your own way.

As I grow as a person, I realize the need for help on this planet. Usually people know this, but they either try to do something so big that eventually they end up doing nothing. There are people who just don’t pay attention to the need. Also, people are overwhelmed with the amount of need out there. They don’t take action, because they believe something small won’t make a difference.

You can’t control the circumstances, and you can’t control which way the wind is going to blow. But you can still control yourself, so you can control the way the wind affects you.

Whenever you decide to start, get started now, because maybe there is somebody waiting out there for you to come out with a fresh idea and change the game.

Small things matter!!!

Let’s go volunteers, Let’s Go!!

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