By Goran Janevski, Greenheart Club member and Work & Travel Student

Goran is a Greenheart Club Member who logged over 50 volunteer hours while living in the U.S. this past summer. He recently won one of three Greenheart Club grants for his excellence in volunteering and for his creative idea. As Goran describes below he is planning on creating a wind turbine to donate as a gift to his local Macedonian high school. He will create a presentation and brochure to share with high school students about the wind turbine.

My name is Goran and I come from Macedonia. This summer I took part of the work and travel program, and I would like to share my experience with you.
First of all, some information about my job. I got a job in South Yarmouth, MA, in the heart of Cape Cod. That is the place to be for the summer. My job was serving breakfast in the morning and doing a housekeeping job after that, and also preparing the inn for the next guest. So, I was working in the Captain Farris Inn, and I can just say, thank you to Nancy for choosing me for the job, I really had a great time with you guys, and I am going to miss your lovely breakfasts.

Another thing I did in the U.S. and actually the main purpose I am writing this to you is the volunteering I did while I was there. As a Greenheart Club member of CCI, it was good to do some social work.  I have to say that I really got lucky with my volunteering “job”. The first place I visited was the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. They accepted me right away, and I started the very next day. I was helping them with organizing the great hall for the events and exhibitions and also was designing their promotional material for the September’s events. It was a real pleasure to work there and to help Mr. Robert and Ms. Lauren. They do a great job , and I suggest this place for everybody who wants to see some great arts or visit some cultural night.

I knew going into my volunteer experience, I really wanted to apply for a Greenheart grant because I already had a project to do in Macedonia in mind. The thing is that I am already working on that project, but now I have a chance to get some support. In the past months some friends of mine and I have been working on developing a new design of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for educational purposes. The turbine will be gifted to my former high school as a thank you to my professors  and to be an introduction to the students to the green energy, and to inspire them to improve their inventing skills and potentials.

I suggest volunteering to all Work and Travel Students, because doing social work from time to time will help you improving yourself  and will help to many people that really need it.

Lucky for Goran, he won $400 to make the wind turbine possible! Stay tuned for more details and the finished product in the future.