By Neftali Guerrero Rivera, Greenheart Work and Travel participant

Sometimes when you take something for granted, you learn that everything isn’t as it seems. Discovering there is more beyond the simple life Amish people live is one of the reasons why we should all explore and learn more about other cultures.

When I got to the Amish village, we went on a tour for an hour and a half. The driver showed us their properties, houses, lands, farms, and even some of their animals. Although they lead a simple life, they also lead a very productive life. During my time in the village, I learned that their simplicity and way of working provides a social status that is very different from the culture of others.

They live simply on their plantations without using technology. However, they still pay taxes, volunteer, donate blood, and go to school to learn basic subjects. They also learn German because that is the language their Bible is written in.

I learned a lot about what makes their community and culture unique.

Believe it or not, it does not matter to them that they do not have a church! They simply meet every Sunday in different houses where the host feeds them, which can be a bit expensive

They even have a wedding season which takes place in November and December when their responsibilities on the farms have ended. After marriage, women typically have up to seven children, but I cannot even imagine having more than two.

Also, when a member of the community dies, they are not buried alongside their family but instead in the order, they pass away.

This is an experience that opened my eyes and helped me to be more objective. One of the main reasons I was motivated to attend this trip was the fact that they do not use technology, but I learned so much more. It is definitely a beautiful place and everyone should take the opportunity to visit even once in their life.

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