By Kaitlyn Peters, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Employer Services Coordinator

In early August, CCI Greenheart staff members Joe and Kaitlyn traveled to Orange Beach, Alabama on a Going Greenheart Tour. Despite the threat of looming thunderstorms, the Greenheart Project was a success! Participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Turkey joined together to complete a beach cleanup.

Before beginning the cleanup, a representative from the Parks Department spoke to the group about the importance of keeping the beaches clean and the impact it has on both the wildlife and waterways. Armed with gloves and orange trash bags, the group swept through the beach and collected all varieties of garbage and litter.

The project ended with some well-deserved relaxation over a pizza party and raffle prizes. The cleanup location was especially meaningful because this particular beach was a popular hangout spot for the area’s younger generation, including our participants. The participants left with a renewed awareness of the impact they have on the environment and steps they can take to minimize that impact.

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