By: Aybuke Saldir, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Aybuke Saldir is a Work and Travel participant from Turkey, working at Coborn’s Cash Wise in Williston, ND. In her first blog post, she shares how she has fun while on the job.

It’s hard to believe it has been a month since I came to my host community, Williston, North Dakota. But they say time flies faster when you are having fun even if that fun involves working.

I’m working for Coborn’s Cash Wise and my department is the deli. I work during the morning shift. That means my shift starts at 7 AM. It isn’t easy waking up at 5 AM for my shift, but I wouldn’t want any other shift. After I wake up, I make myself a breakfast for champions because I need my energy.

Cash Wise is very considerate of their Work and Travel employees. Arlen, our driver, picks us up from home at 6:30 for our shifts. He’s 82, but he’s younger than most of us. He’s always chipper at 6:30 in the morning and he tells the best stories.

My job in the deli involves making sure the salad bar is ready, the sandwich stand is always full, and helping other workers when I finish with my primary tasks. Of course my primary concern is always the customers. They are one of the reasons why I like working the morning shift. We have a lot of regulars in Cash Wise. I have already learned their orders and their stories. In exchange, they want to learn where I come from and more about my culture. It makes my day helping them and talking with them.

Another upside of my job is that it helps me learn new things. Even though it is not part of my job, I love helping with our catering orders. We have to make them presentable and the results are always beautiful. I am busy, but I still find time to get to know my co-workers. I’m so lucky to have met all of them! I never get bored and without even me realizing it, it is already 3 PM and I go home for the day.

This is my second time in U.S. and I’m having so much fun! I’m already making plans for returning. I’m thinking about coming back here because taking a break from the big city is wonderful. Everyone here knows each another and being included in their inside jokes is a good feeling. Williston may be a small city but it sure has a big heart!