By: Joseph Burns, Work and Travel Employer Services Manager

Street Vendor - Bangkok, Thailand

Street Vendor – Bangkok, Thailand

Ceviche - Lima, Peru

Ceviche – Lima, Peru

Chinese Hot Pot - Nanchang, China

Greenheart staff is well traveled to the say the least. Most of us have studied or lived abroad at some point in our lives and have a good understanding of what it takes to build a quality exchange program. Today, I was asking around the office to find out what other staff value the most when travelling abroad. Believe it or not, there is a consensus; FOOD!

Meat Plate - Kiev, Ukraine

Meat Plate – Kiev, Ukraine

Trying new foods is one of the most basic cultural experiences one can have, and it is among the very first that our participants encounter when they arrive to the United States. In anticipation of all the new eating experiences our participants will have this summer, I’d like to share some favorites of my own. Oh yes, with pictures!

Stuffed Squid - Manila, Philippines

Stuffed Squid – Manila, Philippines