By Dmytro Siedykh, Work and Travel Summer 2016 participant

While most participants of the Work and Travel program request to be placed in New York City, Miami, or Los Angeles, I have decided to spend my Summer Work Travel program in the small town of Custer, South Dakota. On our first day in Custer, we quickly realized the town can be explored in one day. We set out walking along the main street and noticed a crowd of people gathered around what seemed to be Tesla cars. For Custer being such small town, it was quite an unusual sight to see.

The streets were lined with approximately 60 Tesla automobiles, each on display for visitors to observe and learn about this famous electric car. In my home country, Ukraine, Tesla cars are not common, and I have never seen so many at one time! I really enjoyed that car show because, in my opinion, Tesla cars are the best modern vehicles, and, I hope, they will be the most common car in the future.

I was surprised to learn there were people from all over the United States attending the car show in Custer, South Dakota. People from California, Arizona, Texas, and Alabama traveled to Custer to attend the car show. I didn’t expect a small town to be so cool!

We met a wonderful man named John, who gladly agreed to drive us around the  block in his Tesla Model S. It was an unforgettable experience because I am a big fan of Tesla. I am very grateful for his generosity.
Overall, I am very satisfied that I have chosen Custer, South Dakota for my Summer Work Travel program.

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