By: Ali Haymes, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Marketing and Outreach Intern

Traveling abroad can be a daunting experience and may be accompanied by feelings of homesickness. If you experience this during your time here, don’t worry because it’s totally normal! You are being incredibly brave by traveling to a new country for 3+ months, so don’t let any feelings of missing home get you down!  Here are a few tips if you ever feel homesick during your time here.

Connect with friends and family back home

The simplest way to combat homesickness is to connect with people you miss from home.  Set up a phone call or Skype date in advance; this will give you something to look forward to!  Though it can be tempting, don’t spend too much time trying to connect with people back home as this could make you miss it more, but keeping in contact with friends and family is a great way to help yourself adjust to living abroad.


Keeping a journal is an excellent tool for anyone traveling abroad. I journaled every day while studying abroad in Australia. This helped me reflect on my time abroad and appreciate my life there, especially when I was missing home. Journaling allows you to take a step back from your daily routine and gives you the confidence to go out and enjoy new experiences!

Keep familiar items close

Bringing meaningful items with you such as photos, gifts from your family, or significant cultural items, can help make your transition to the States much smoother. It is comforting to have something like this at hand that you can turn to if you are feeling far from home.

Share your culture

Sharing your culture is a great way to meet new people while also reconnecting to your home country. Host a dinner and cook your favorite local dishes or exchange language lessons with a friend from a different country. Embrace new traditions and honor old ones!

Try new things!

The best thing to do when you’re homesick is to get out into the community. It may seem difficult, but I guarantee that you will feel less homesick if you are making new connections in your American town. Volunteer, take local classes, or explore festivals and landmarks in your area to take full advantage of your time abroad!

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