By Natalie Bailey, J-1 Intern
Around March time, myself and two of my house mates devoted 6 hours of our time to the Florida Palm Beach County Food Bank. We volunteered two Mondays in March, working 3 hours each time from 9am to 12pm. The opportunity was offered to us when I was working for The Club at Ibis and we contacted the Food Bank company through Ibis.
We started each Monday with a short 15 minute orientation on what we was doing that day but both Monday’s were the same. The job tasks consisted of:
 folding boxes
  • taping boxes to make them sturdy
  • picking out spoiled vegetables and disposing of them
  • placing vegetables in certain ways in the boxes
  • packing up full boxes
  • stacking boxes neatly

I learned that there is a lot of ordinary people who are struggling in Florida, to provide food on the table for their families at home. It’s a really sad situation, especially when you work in a country club. But the members at Ibis donate a lot to the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

It was an overall fun experience and it was time worth wasting for the struggling families out in Florida.